The banner says it all. Yes, we are doing the 25 Days Christmas Activity with you! Enough said let’s have some fun now…
This cut block poster is actually a calendar from the 1st December 2019 to 25 December 2019. 

How does this calendar work?

Each day starting from 1st to 25th December we will reveal each block of the calendar with Christmas Activity – FUN ACTIVITY!

  • Follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to see the reveal of these activities.
  • We have from Quiz, Contest and Sale.
  • Some of these activities explanation, for example, terms & condition or guidance you can find from the ‘drop-down’ menu.


When is the reveal of the Calendar?

Each day on Konzept Garden Social Media (Facebook) & (Instagram) at 8 am. For example on the 30th of November we at 8.30 pm we will reveal the block of the calendar via video & on 1st December at 8 am we will explain the whole agenda of the activity. Fun Right?


Are you joining the ‘Act Of Kindness’ community? or ‘Pay it Foward’? Here is the list you may want to choose from –  or you can simply head over to to choose from hundreds of beneficiary

  • Yayasan Chow Kit

a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre providing meals, activities, therapy, case management, ​and educational programmes for at-risk children of Chow Kit.

  • Nourish Malaysia

focused on supporting under-privileged students with food and education supplies through their educational institutions.

  • Malaysian Animal Welfare Association

a group of freelance rescuers with more than 10 years of experience in handling and protecting the strays

  • Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society

dedicated to meeting the needs of families of patients diagnosed with paediatric cancer.


  • IDEAS Autism Centr

early intervention care and education for 3-9 year old children with autism from households classified as being in the bottom 40% income group (B40)


  • Women of Will

transform the lives of disadvantaged women in Malaysia and their communities through microcredit financing combined with an Entrepreneurial Development Programme.

If you are entering Contest or Quizzes – please choose the drop-down menu below and read carefully


Extreme Garden makeover contest.

Have you ever wished to have a cosy garden corner for unwinding your long working weekdays?

Unfortunately, this wish may seem not easy for those who do not have green fingers.

Good news! You can now get a free professional landscape designer to transform your garden into the “Eden” corner for FREE.

Let’s join our extreme garden makeover for FREE and get our professional landscape designers to design, plan for you with actual rendering.

There is never an ugly garden but only bad design garden.


How to join the Contest?

The challenge of this Contest if for both the homeowner and also our designer’s team, we would choose ten worst garden condition as our winners for the makeover contest. The ten lucky winners will have their garden redesign with actual layout rendering by our professional landscape team.

Up to 10 lucky winners will be select based on the worst garden or dysfunctional garden planning submitted.

A participant needs to submit a minimum of 3 different angles shots of their garden together with the ground dimension & measurement.

Once selected, our landscape designer will start designing and planning for the 10 chosen owners according to chronological order.

Konzept garden will then post the winner before and after makeover design on our Facebook posting.

The selected 10 winners would get 10% off from their total bill if they wanted to make their wish come to reality with our professional team and products ranges.

How to enter the contest;-
1 – If you think you have the ugliest Garden of all ( we think you at the right contest)
2 – Take a photo of your ugliest garden (with several different angles)
3 – Submit to us via email (
4 – We will choose the ugliest among all submission contestant.

What are the prizes? head over to our website for the surprise 


Please read out term and condition.

Contest Term & Condition

  • The Contest is open to all Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia above age 23 years old. The Contest duration lasts for 19 days starting from 1st December 2019 to 19th December 2019.
  • Participation in Konzept Garden Contest (“the Garden makeover Contest”) constitutes the participant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. Konzept Garden reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice.
  • Any late entry received after the Contest Period is considered invalid.
  • Each household is allowed to submit only one entry. Any person living in the same house does not allow to join the Contest even as a separate entry.
  • Konzept Garden is not liable for any loss of submission or missed posted submission.
  • By participating in the Contest, participants have given consent to Konzept Garden to use all of the submitted personal information/photos/layout/name/ for marketing or digital media publications without prior approval from the participant.
  • Konzept Garden decision on matters relating to the Contest (including, but not limited to the selection of the Winners) shall be final and absolute. Konzept Garden will not entertain any further correspondence, enquiry, appeal or challenge by any of the participants in respect of any final decision by us.
  • Konzept Garden will notify winner via Facebook private message after the completion of the Contest Period. Winners are required to furnish Konzept Garden with additional information as proof of ownership, falling to do so may result from disqualifying of winning.
  • All submitted entries must be original and shall not contain any inappropriate or obscene language and content such as nudity, bullying, violence, spam, harassment, intimidation, hate speech, threats, discrimination, dating, plagiarism, unauthorised commercial communications, unlawful multi-level marketing, login information or access of accounts belonging to someone else or anything involves illegal activity under the law of Malaysia. Konzept Garden at its sole discretion has the rights to remove any entries which do not comply with the terms above.
  • Konzept Garden will not share participants personal information with the outsider and all personal information is kept private and for the contest use only.
  • By participating in the Contest, I have read and understood the rules & regulations, and I agree to participate in the understanding that I must adhere to ALL the laws and regulations stipulated.

Konzept Garden Quiz Corner

When is your last time going for free movies?

Konzept garden would like to enhance your 25days festive mood with our free movies tickets give away Quiz run randomly on our website.

Try out our 4 simple quiz corner and get yourself a free movies ticket. 

What is the game?
You will be given 4 questions by our team member. All question will be related to Konzept Garden. You can find the answers from our website or from our FB.
How To Play?
With 4 question – you will only be given 2 minutes. If you don’t manage the complete all question within 2 minutes, you consider as losing. Once you have loose, you can only try the next day.
If you are the WINNER – we will inform you via email.

The LIVE Game start from 11am-12pm (from 18-20 December 2019)
How to Win?
The fastest timing and the most correct answers will be the winner.


TGV Cinemas movie tickets

1st prize: 3 movies ticket

2nd prize:2 movies tickets

  • Valid to redeem for a ticket at any TGV ticketing counter. Online redemption is not available.
  • Valid for any movie, any day at any time upon ticket availability.
  • Each voucher is valid for 1 ticket for 1-time use only, and the ticket is subject to availability.
  • Valid for standard seats only.
  • Not valid for Beanie, IMAX, LUXE, Indulge and any other speciality hall.
  • Non-returnable, non-refundable & not extendable.
  • Must be redeemed before XXX

Please read the term and condition before you participate.

Christmas Sale

This Year Christmas we are doing something different. We’ll make sure you have what you need for your home. Let’s Deco, Deco & Decoration!

This Holiday, how about some groundwork for your empty concrete or garden. Make your holiday theme fluffy green without any hassle work with Noble Grass (Synthetic Artificial Grass)

We will reveal the same time as on our Facebook Page. Follow our Social Media to not miss any activity or sale. 

We will reveal the same time as on our Facebook Page. Follow our Social Media to not miss any activity or sale. 

We will reveal the same time as on our Facebook Page. Follow our Social Media to not miss any activity or sale. 

We will reveal the same time as on our Facebook Page. Follow our Social Media to not miss any activity or sale.