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Mike Toh6/06/2018
Konzept Garden product good for lazy people. I just bought Ziant Hydro Planter...It's look contemporary design & easy maintenance for my plant. Thx konzept!! Keep it up!
Ezekiel Audu9/25/2023
positive review 
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Sofa Rohmania4/28/2016
Suka banget. Nampak sejuk.
Tinumah Agot Emah1/17/2017
Indah dan sungguhh cantik..
Pamela Tony12/22/2018
positive review 
Thank you for the great service and quick turnaround on my request.My garden is almost complete with the collection from Konzept Garden!

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Konzept Garden supply several different types of pond suitable for every Garden Landscape Design.

Every homeowner have different ideas/imagination for their garden landscape, this why we provide a large range of projects, from fascinating garden ponds to a custom made pond.

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