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Pop Ang1/27/2019
positive review 

Great! Worth of money! Thx

Jayne Loo12/17/2016

Look for Maggie, I placed my order with her via whatsapp and it was hassle free. Very good customer service. The 2 staff that did the grass installation for me did a great job too.

Ficky Safta Harriyawan5/12/2019
negative review 

Service after sales very bad

Installation team dont fix pump motor & hose properly.. 1 hour after pasang sudah tercabut.

Am complaint about scratch, No Wood & Hose not install proper.. then they came after 2 week just touch up only.. they dont check the hose and lastly said Wood currently no stock.

Abe Que1/29/2021
positive review 

Definately the right place to get your idea into reality. Just a quick visit and wallaa.... my backyard seems diff right now

Happy MY5/14/2016

Creating Eco home living environment.

Izyani Zulkifli9/17/2015

The lady (presumably the owner) is friendly and helpful when advising us on which plants and pots to get. We bought the plants on Sunday and they arrived last Malaysia Day. The workers helped to prep the soil and planted the plants in their respective pots. So far so good. Keep up the good service!

Liyana Ramly1/05/2019
positive review 

Highly recommended Konzept Garden for their fast respond, efficient, friendly and flexible???


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