Have you at any point wanted to grow a fortunate/lucky plant? Aglaonema, additionally alluded to as the Chinese Evergreen, is thought to be a good fortune bearer in China. Local to China and the Philippines, these verdant tropicals are greatly mainstream, simple care houseplants which are presently become around the world​. Lush and colorful, this tropical not only cleanses the air, but it looks stunningly beautiful while it does it. It’s easy to see why these are such popular plants! There are more than 15 types of Aglaonema, although the exact number varies depending on which botanical registry you are looking at. The most famous  type will be red aglaonema (as photo shown above), green leaves with bright pink veins and dappling create a riotous amount of color indoors. This red aglaonema prefers a bit more sunlight than its darker relatives, but still should be kept in indirect lighting. This type of plant, has minimal touch of caring – meaning Low to moderate light, can tolerate short periods of bright, indirect lighting and Water to moisten the soil, but do not overwater. Having this type of plant on your garden will help to light-up your landscape. If you wish to know further or to have it at your garden, contact your nearest local nursery (Konzept Garden).