At some stage, homeowners have considered either putting in natural lawn or artificial grass. Artificially grass or we call it NobleGrass, also commonly known as synthetic grass.

We will share some useful information about artificial grass, covering its benefits, uses and why you might consider installing this at your place.

What is NobleGrass?

As mentioned above it is synthetic in that the grass turf or fibres that made from p.e monofilament. This artificial turf is made to look and feel very much like a natural lawn with real grass.

Today’s artificial lawns come in a wide range of selections, from the width of the grass fibres also commonly known as ‘blade’ or to length.

Why Choose NobleGrass?

The real challenge is to find an artificial lawn that looks natural. So the key is really to take your time to choose a type of artificial grass that looks and feel most natural. If you having trouble to understand. the differences I would suggest to seek for professional to explain to you because, in the end, this is your castle we are talking about.

Look for the nearest local nursery for professional opinion (Konzept Garden)

Let’s take a look ad the advantages/benefits of NobleGrass

1. Low Maintenance

Artificial grass does not require much maintenance. ​Unlike natural or real grass, that grows and needs to be trimmed and mowed at most time, whereby Noble Grass does not require any mowing, watering and fertilizing.

With a number of Malaysian nowadays who travels a lot and busy schedule, such homeowners will save a lot of time because noble grass is made from high durability materials that last for years.

2. Pet Friendly

However, with great pets comes great responsibility! Homeowners should take extra care in selecting the most suitable lawn for their pets. Fact is, your pets will likely spend more time on your lawn than you do.

Noble Grass, like the ones installed by Konzept Garden, are made from safe materials free from harmful chemicals. Grass fibres are also lead and mercury-free, so there is less of a chance of poisoning in the case of accidental ingestion.

3. Clean and Environmentally Friendly

Artificial Grass is designed to not be easily soiled or stained. Most stains would wash away quickly with some rain, or a quick wash down with a garden hose. Poorly maintained natural lawns can be a spawning ground for many undesirables, such as pests or rodents, dangerous insects, snakes and more.

4. Peace of mind: Warranty

Did you know that natural lawn does not offer any form of warranty (most of it), it would often be impossible to not attribute any damages to normal wear and tear.

Artificial lawns come with extensive warranty, service and support. Most manufacturers and installers will offer extended periods of warranty cover. With Konzept Garden, you are looking at 8 years of warranty, ​

So what’s next? If you convinced about the Noble Grass you may contact our representative by clicking the button below.  Thank you for reading through. Wait for our next post!