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Basic Elements Of Landscape You Need To Know - Konzept Garden
Sometimes you have always want to spend time at your backyard with your beautiful garden, however you don’t have the time nor have the slightest idea what to do with it to make it beautiful. We understand the struggles. Every house whether frontyard or backyard, it well-deserved makeover – but it can be hard to know where to begin. How about we start with 5 basic things you need to know. – to make your landscape come to live. 1. Colors Colour arguably plays the most important role in your backyard aesthetic.You’ll want the colours in your plants and décor to complement your home colour scheme, but don’t neglect your own personal taste and preferences – because in the end it will effects your mood. Two type of colours ;
  • Warm Colors ( Reds, oranges and yellows are considered warm colours, not just because they remind us of the summer sun, but because they evoke passion and excitement.)
  • Cool Colors ( Cooler colours such as blues, violets and greens are natural relaxants, making them great for meditation.
2. Lines Have you ever thought lines play a big role in your garden design? Lines are described as gardens beds and paths which it create the attention to contribute to the continuity of your landscape. The common lines to understand are; Straight lines – such as those typically used for hedges or verandah. This commonly use when you want to draw attention straight into your garden. Curves – attention to create movement around garden, such as taking the time to admire the garden you have created. 3. Form Form refers to the shapes of things in your garden, from the tall plants and pergola to the widespread ground cover. It does not mean you have to only have one shape or design in your garden. Do know you may choose to have a tall pots with a small plant or even the opposite way –  this will create story in your garden. 4. Texture Texture is about the look and feel of your plants and décor surfaces. It applies not just to flowers and leaves but to bricks, stones and bark. Unlike colours, different textures create harmony in your landscape. You can balance out coarse textured plants with smooth textured ones or mix plants with larger leaves and smaller leaves. This breaks up your landscape, adding interest and mood to your backyard. 5. Scale All the above elements have an impact on scale – or how your garden plants and décor relate to one another according to size. If you want to have a harmonious impact in your garden, keep proportions in mind when you begin landscaping. For example, you don’t want a towering statue in a small cottage garden. Nor would you like a tiny water fountain beside a huge pergola. To make sure your garden is well proportioned, consider the length, breadth and depth or your space. And don’t forget your plants will grow! Check their maximum height and width before you put them in the ground. READY TO HAVE ONE BEAUTIFUL GARDEN? If you wish to have professional advise or opinions on your garden, Konzept Garden will be more than happy to help you with a free consultation.
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