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Don't Toss Your Used Tea Bags - Konzept Garden
Do you love this two thing – Gardening and Tea?  These two has the best combination where you about to discover your new favorite gardening hack that will completely transform your garden.  After enjoying a morning or afternoon cup of tea, most people probably toss the wet, soggy bag of steeped tea leaves in the garbage. Well, as it turns out, there’s actually another great use for them that can also help your garden – bury them! We will show you of how you can step into your garden with your soggy tea bag –  here is few step we would like to share; 1. The tea leaves will add nutrients to your soil. Tea bags contain tannins and other nutrients that will increase the nitrogen level in the soil. They will also provide a bit of food for earthworms that are wonderful for tilling the dirt in your garden. 2. Tea bags help create fertilizer. When tea bags are placed in the soil, “they are consumed by earthworms which then process the leaves, resulting in nutrient-rich fertilizer output,”  3. Weeds will be kept at bay. Biodegradable tea bags not only provide your garden with nutrients, but they will also discourage the growth of weeds. 4. Deter pests from eating your plants. The strong scent of used tea bags (and used coffee grounds) is too potent and bitter for many bugs and critters in the garden. 5. Tea bags help with water retention. By burying used tea bags near the root of your flowers and veggies, it will help the plants retain more water by acting like a sponge.
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