Research has made all over us having the second thought of starting to do something, this is because it takes a long time to read through several sites. I won’t let you fight this battle alone, by reading this you can save yourself a lot of time and money!

Lets Start!

1. For a start, you will need to buy all the supplies. 
I would suggest always know where the best place to buy the equipment. In fact, it’s a great idea to stop by a local nursery when you first start gardening to get some help, ideas and general information. Here is one that I can suggest to you, if you are near to Klang Valley, stop by at Konzept Garden ( you can simply ‘Waze’ to their shop)

2. Starting a garden 
Where to begin? First, you need to choose a good site. The amount of sun exposure and access to water will play a big part in what plants you’ll be able to grow.
Another good place to begin a new garden is with the soil. This may not be the most fun part of gardening, but to make things easier will be, getting a ready soil from the nearest nursery.

3. Choosing plants
Selecting plants is one of the toughest gardening tasks, simply because there are so many from which to choose. Key things to keep in mind are your hardiness zone and your soil type.
Do you know that Vegetable gardening is a little different from flower gardening?

4. Design your own Garden
Designing a garden is an ongoing process and half the fun of gardening. Most gardens are a mix of plants – annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs – that are always growing and changing.
And here’s a tip: Choosing some type of theme, whether it’s a color scheme, a style or a group of plants, will not only help give your garden a sense of cohesion, it will help make your design choices easier. You can always expand from there.

5. Maintenance – Caring for Your Garden
There is always something to do in the garden: planting, staking, dividing, cutting back and weeding. Some plants are more demanding than others, but garden maintenance is a given. It can also be the most enjoyable part of gardening because you get to observe the changes your garden goes through.

There are 10 tips of what you need to start your gardening power! Wait for our next post ‘How start your first flower Garden’