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Top Gardening Mistakes to Avoid - Konzept Garden
When you start out on your gardening adventure, you’ll make plenty of gardening mistakes  the worst gardening mistakes you can make. The kind of mistakes that lead to dead plants, flavorless produce, and outright garden fails. Everyone makes mistakes, but the good news is you can always learn from them. 1. Don’t dig the same size as your plant size As a general rule, you should dig a hole about twice as wide and deep as your plant’s root ball. If the hole is too small, your plant will have trouble growing roots into the surrounding soil and will result in a stunted plant. 2. You place your plants too close together Plant spacing is very important for getting the best harvest. Crowded plants will not produce as well and will have more trouble with disease and pests. If space is limited, it’s better to plant fewer plants than to try to squeeze too many into a small space. Densely planted crops compete for water and nutrients and have more trouble with pests and disease. 3. Too much sun to too much shade You’ll never get a yummy crop of tomatoes if you plant it under your patio cover. Tomatoes need the sunlight in order to produce. Likewise, too much of the heat from the afternoon sun can ruin your crop of broccoli. So, if you are not sure how much sun your plant should be getting, we suggest you seek for an advise from your local nursery (Konzept Garden). Once you bought any of the plant do ask if the seed need less or more sun. 
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