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How Can Stones Help Your Garden? - Konzept Garden

Wonder How Can Stones Help Your Garden Landscape?

Can you image having stepping stone as a decoration for your garden?

This guide will help you choose the right stone to suit your needs; whether it’s for weed control, drainage, or a style. If You Need Style All decorative stones provide aesthetic appeal, but if you’re looking for stone that is mostly a natural garden accessory, these are the types to go for: Beach or river pebbles are smooth rounded rocks; similar to pea gravel but a lot larger. They are commonly used for decorative appeal and are ideal for use around plants. They usually come in various shades of grey and tan. The other uses of pebbles include creating rock gardens, covering landscape fabric and preventing weeds, and keeping moisture in the soil. Boulders and rocks are simply large stones that can be used as features and focal points in the garden. They are also ideal for building rock gardens, walls and pond walls. ​If You Need Drainage Decorative stone is a great solution for drainage; helping to alleviate the risk of damage to your foundations and landscaping that excess water can bring. For drainage, here are the best types of stone to go for: Pea gravel consists of small (pea-sized), rounded rocks; however, it is available in various sizes. It is an attractive decorative stone, ideal for drainage in flower beds and pots. It typically comes in a range of colours such as tan, and white. Its rounded shape means it moves easily and may not be suitable for supporting garden furniture, which is why we would not recommend it for use on driveways, patios or paths. It can be used to accent stepping stones and paving, and is best used in these applications along with an edging material. If You Need Weed Control ​Decorative stone can be used as an alternative to bark mulch, for use over landscape fabric to help prevent weeds. Here is the best type of stone for weed control: Slate chips, also known as shale, are pieces of broken slate that are an excellent alternative to bark mulch in the battle against weeds. Slate chips help keep unwanted weeds down and moisture in the ground. They come in various shades of red, grey and blue
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