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How do you start growing your own Mint Leaves at home?

I think everyone would love o add fresh mint leaves in their iced tea – Yes? Mint is a wonderful herb to use in many different recipes to enhance the flavor and it’s also pretty easy to grow mint in your garden. HOW TO GROW MINT Mint comes in many different varieties and is very easy to grow.  Your mint plant can last for many years if cared for properly. Mint enjoys soil that is well drained and nutrient rich.  It can grow in full sun as well as in part sun.  You will find mint to be a very hardy plant to grow. PLANT MINT IN A CONTAINER 1. The best way to grow mint is to contain it. If you have any un-used small garden pots, you may want to take that and clean it up, because you can use that again. Please check if the pots does not have cracks on it, because mint able to grow in between the cracks. 2. Choose a pot with drainage holes in the bottom. A mint plant thrives in well-drained soil. Purchase a saucer to place below the pot to avoid staining your windowsill or patio. 3. Purchase gritty compost from a local gardening store. You can also combine potting soil with rich compost. Mint plants need rich and well-drained soil to thrive. 4. Fill the lower third of the pot with compost and potting soil. Fill in the area around the mint with potting soil. Pack the area just enough so that the mint stands on its own.​ 5. Line a portion of your outdoor garden with plastic if you want to plant your pot in the soil, but want to discourage it from spreading. Then plant the entire pot into the garden soil, allowing the pot to extend five inches above the surface of the soil.
  • If possible, avoid planting it in the garden. Place it on a patio or on a windowsill to avoid spreading the mint plant.
6. Insert several wooden dowels next to the plant to give it support. These can be removed when the plant is thriving. 7. Water the soil so that it sinks down to the roots. Water it whenever it is dry for the first year. It should always have moist soil.
  • If you experience hot weather, you may need to water it several times per day.
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