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Ziant Hydro Planters MIX Series - Konzept Garden


Ziant ZP004-L

(52cm x 75cm(H))
Price: RM535.00

Ziant ZP004-XL

(64cm x 95cm(H))
Price: RM695.00

Ziant ZP005-L

(39cm x 39cm x 56cm(H))
Price: RM435.00

Ziant ZP005-XL

 (52cm x 52cm x 75cm(H))
Price: RM995.00

Ziant ZP006- XL

(48cm x 48cm x 80cm(H))
Price: RM665.00

Ziant ZP007-M

(50cm x 49cm(Dia))
Price: RM365.00

Ziant ZP007-XL

(71cm x 70cm)
Price: RM665.00

Ziant ZP008-XL

(60cm (Dia) x 74cm(H))
Price: RM545.00

Ziant ZP009-XL

(71cm x 80cm [Dia])
Price: RM695.00
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