“I bought both colors – love the design”

At first, I bought it as a gift, but I changed my mind when I placed it at my own home –  the design really nice. -Evelyn, Customer

CNY Feng Shui Prosperity Plant Set | FREE Items

Design by Konzept Garden for growing a wider range of plants in the urban environment, this premium handmade hydro planter works wonders in eliminating over-watering and maintaining soil moisture for up to two weeks. Ziant Hydro Planters | Granite Series available in different sizes (but for the online store we only sell the smallest size, to purchase other sizes please connect with our team) and combines innovative self-watering planter system with lightweight features, creating the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Size: 28cm W x 23cm H


This modern planters & plant pots look great for your home& office decoration!

Ziant Hydro Planter pots have a special drainage system, which saves water and reduces the watering frequency, making it more convenient for users.  The series Granite name come from its the texture of the pot is granite therefore, it is lightweight yet more durable.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor
Two-colour: Beige & Gray
Size: 28cm W x 23cm H


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