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“It's cheap & its very good quality!”

I only buy 1 bag at first, but now I am their regular customer for their product.
– Ibrahim, Customer

NutriSoil | Organic Planting Soilmix [Japan Bio Technology] 5kg/10litre

NutriSoil is a lightweight planting media incorporating a mix of natural silica and lime-based minerals with proprietary additives. It has high water absorbency and retention capability and supports beneficial microbial activity.

1. Japan Organic Bio-Technology
2. Hydrostone Bacteria House for natural nutrition
3. Special Organic Compost Fertilizer
4. Cocopeat Mixture
5. Natural Soil mix


Grab a soil that can help your plants to grow naturally

  • Provides calcium and magnesium for plant
  • Improved water penetration for acidic soils
  • Improves the uptake of major plant nutrients
  • Reduce soil acidity
  • Apply Straight From Bag. No mixing required.
  • For seed germination and rooting of cuttings
  • As a top dressing for begonias and other plants with delicate shallow roots.
  • As a general potting soil
  • Safe, easy and none toxic.

Terms & Condition: Daily cut of time will be at 3pm[local time]. After 3pm shipment will be the day after.

4 reviews for NutriSoil | Organic Planting Soilmix [Japan Bio Technology] 5kg/10litre

  1. Vivi

    This soil is good, seeds sprout faster than others and the easiest sprout to grows



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