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Xuaner Loh Avatar
Xuaner Loh

Konzept garden have a very good quality of turf and vase!

Roziah Kamal Avatar
Roziah Kamal
positive review 

sangat faham dgn kehendak pelanggan dan mahir dgn urusan landscape. Walau jarak jauh.. harga berpatutan dan mudah berurusan dari sales hinggalah ke bahagian operasi..

ada follow up juga...

happy customer!!!

Faridah Binti Majid Lina Avatar
Faridah Binti Majid Lina

Sya suka

Nuraini Binti Ismail Avatar
Nuraini Binti Ismail
positive review 

Tq Konzept Garden... Servis terbaik. 1 hari siap. Kemas dan cantik.

Izyani Zulkifli Avatar
Izyani Zulkifli

The lady (presumably the owner) is friendly and helpful when advising us on which plants and pots to get. We bought the plants on Sunday and they arrived last Malaysia Day. The workers helped to prep the soil and planted the plants in their respective pots. So far so good. Keep up the good service!

Vicky Cox Avatar
Vicky Cox

Konzept Garden did a great job laying our artificial lawn. Easy to deal with, reasonably priced and looks fabulous !


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