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Start Your Own Herb Gardening - Konzept Garden

Don’t let the title scare you away.

We will make sure that the herb gardening made easy for you to start. Why not have a fresh herb at your own home without any chemicals. Imagine having a bounty of fresh, healthy flavours always within reach for any food you cook. When you start a home herb garden, you can have just that! Store-bought herbs are expensive and spoil quickly. Herb gardening is an affordable solution that anyone can do no green thumb required!

First, decide if you want an indoor or outdoor garden. This often depends on light and moisture conditions. You’ll need plenty of sunshine (6-8 hours), yet want peak heat to remain under 90 degrees so delicate herbs don’t wilt. Containers are an easy option that allows you to place herbs outdoors or indoors as necessary. Plus, nothing beats a pretty windowsill herb garden.

Next, select the herbs you want to grow. If you grow from seeds, you’ll get to select from a wider variety, but it will take longer. For a jump start, buy starter plants from your local nursery so you can enjoy herbs more quickly. Here is some suggestion:-

  • Sweet Basil
  • Garlic chives
  • Cilantro
  • Lemongrass
  • Red Chilis

With herbs in hand, now it’s time to plant. For containers, use any potting that you are comfortable with and mix with an organic soil such as ‘Hydro Soil’ from Konzept Garden. This helps suitable conditions for roots to grow and soil to drain. For outdoor gardens, loosen existing soil thoroughly and add compost as necessary. 

Proper watering is essential for herbs to flourish. Too much and they drown; too little and they wilt. Plan to water small amounts more frequently, such as a quick drizzle every day. 

When herbs reach at least 6 inches in height, you can harvest and use them in your favourite foods. From salads and savoury dishes to cocktails and simmering stews, these fresh herbs will delight taste buds.

Down get greedy, just remember, only pluck what you need so you have plenty more for the next day’s cooking adventures.

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