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Tips for the new Owner of Ziant Hydro Planter - Konzept Garden

Ziant Hydro Planter Tips for a new owner

Congratulations on purchasing Ziant Hydro planter from Konzept Garden. To ensure you truly enjoy the benefit of our specially design Ziant Hydro Planter, we would like to share with you some of our Ziant Hydro Planter amazing benefits.

Benefits of Ziant Hydro Planter

  1. Be it for outdoor or for indoor plants; our planter can enhance your garden idea and turn it to a beautiful landscape. Konzept Garden Ziant Planter is moulded from the mixture material of Fibre Glass & P.E. This formulated selection of materials is for its elastic tolerance quality which makes the planter box does not crack easily in compare with a traditional clay planter (pot).
  2. In contrast with wooden planter, Ziant Hydro planter is more durable as the materials do not subject to decaying by watering and fast fungi rotting like a wood planter.
  3. Ziant Hydro special water reservoir features that can store water up to 7 days for fully grown-up plants. With this benefit, the owner can now travel with ease without worrying about watering the plants.



  • Please take note that the capacity of the water reservoir is subject to weather conditions, plant size and soil conditions. Under unusual heat weather, please water as usual.
  • The 7 days self-sustain water feature does not apply to newly planted plant as all-new vegetations need at least 2 to 3 weeks to roots before reaching the reservoir area. (Please refer to the diagram below 1.0)


Kindly take note that all Ziant Planter does not come in “Perfect Shape” as the planter is hand made by using multi-layering casting, the industry benchmark of irregular shape twirl is between tolerance of 10% to 15% as standard characteristic.

However please notify us if the planter box that we deliver has obvious manufacturer defects such as a hole or crack. FOR MORE INFORMATION KINDLY CALL OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1700-81-4688

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