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Dianella Plant: The Lily Grass Care & Tips - Konzept Garden
Sometimes, we asked what can we do with all these plant. We have seen this before, but yet the idea never came through to us. Yes I have that thinking everytime, but today I would like to show you.  I’m sure you have seen ​dianella lily grass – yeap thats what we call them, i’m sure there is other name for it but for now i keep it to that.  This grass look-a-like plant is really a member of the lily family. Two-inch-wide leaf blades of bright, shiny green foliage, banded in pure white, stand out in the landscape from a long distance. Surprisingly, it does as well in full sun as it does in partial shade.   HAVE I CATCH YOUR ATTENTION YET? NO? The margins grow 12-20″ tall. If you are lucky some breed will grow spikes of lavendar flowers – like i said some breed. But for us we dont have that yet.  The reason, we choose this as our plant of the month, because i realise that there a lot of DO’s we can start with this plant…..but stay tune on Friday, what is that DO’s i meant for.  NOW I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION….see you Friday  PS: If you want to grab this plant first or grow at your garden, I suggest you connect with Konzept Garden people to order before it runs out.
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