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Ficus Lyrata: Indoor Plant Guide - Konzept Garden

Do you know that Ficus Lyrata makes the best plant for indoor if you looking for one?

Ficus Lyrata, also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This plant have been an indoor plant for many years. They have recently enjoyed a strong resurgence in popularity due to the elegance of their form and the lushness of their large leathery leaves. 

The commonly question about this plant –  we would like to share the TIPS & TRICKS of how to have this beautiful Plant.

Can this survive without light?

With any live plant – they will need lights –  the question is how much light they need? 
So this plant has no issues to be indoor –  most common people have this plant indoor, mostly purchased by people in apartments. So it is important to find the right place in your home where the tree will receive very bright, but indirect light all day. 

How about Pots and Soil?

As we recommend for all potted plants a pot with a drainage hole is best. If you need guidance on choosing the pot type or size you can ask away here ZIANT PLANTERS.  Ficus lyrata doesn’t want to have it’s soil go completely dry but on the other hand they are susceptible to root rot; for this reason we suggest using standard potting soil such as Nutrition Soil –  you can get as low as RM5 per bag.

What about Watering?

The watering schedule for any plant is entirely dependent on the light, temperature, and airflow it experiences in it’s current environment which varies from house to house and can also change throughout the year. Sounds to much right –  with the right pot you don’t even have to think about watering it everyday! How? With Ziant Hydro Planters, you don’t have to water up to 7 days. 

Most owner will get panic when they bring the tree home from any nursery after 1 or 2 weeks they plant develop bruises and slowly drop and think that this is a sign od dying plant or disease –  please it is not dying or a disease, but it’s actually in TRAUMA condition due to changes of place. All they need is some love from you –  maybe a ‘baby talking’ (just joking), so basically as it is settling in any leaves that develop particularly large bruises can be trimmed off. It is best to leave leaves with minor damage on the tree to maximize it’s photosynthetic surfaces for a faster recovery.

That’s it folks! Enjoy your new beautiful tree plant. 

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