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Minimalist Landscape Design @ City's Garden Malaysia | Konzept Garden

Konzept Garden

Gardens with Character

Hello! We're the Designer.

Landscape & Garden Design Experts

Konzept Garden is an award-winning landscape by ILAM- a designer renowned for creating stunning and sustainable outdoor spaces for both residential and commercial clients



Creative designs and plans for outdoor spaces, such as gardens or yards. It can include plant selections, hardscaping features, and overall layout.


Creating a custom own your can be a big task, but we don't see limitations because everyone deserves the a little different from their neighbour. WiFi Malaysia


We use 2D or 3D designs to make your space come to life. Our designs are so realistic, it’s almost like you can see the finished product before it’s even built.


Our garden landscape design services offered throughout West Malaysia;

✅ Landscape design ideas
✅ Concept plans
✅ Garden planting plans
✅ Botanist expert
✅ Full project management
✅ 3D Landscape Design
✅ Implementation of landscape designs

Landscape Product

From Fish Pond, Water Fountain to Artificial Grass

Landscape Package

Different type of packages to suit any garden

Online Store

Garden items make it easy with Online Purchase


A live version of what the customer review on us

Landscape Product

From Fish Pond, Water Fountain to Artificial Grass

Landscape Package

Different type of packages to suit any garden

Online Store

Garden items make it easy with Online Purchase


A live version of what the customer review on us

Konzept Garden Product

We offer plenty of products to complete a beautiful landscape design.

Konzept Garden sells the following products:

  • Fish ponds for outdoor spaces
  • Artificial grass for low-maintenance lawns
  • Planter boxes for growing plants
  • Vertical gardens for space-saving plant arrangements.
  • Magic Garden Pond for indoor and outdoor space.

Who is the team?

Our team is a diverse group of professionals who are dedicated to delivering the best possible service to our customers. We have more than 20+ people in the organization. Who are they?

✅Customer Relations
✅Sales Representative
✅Landscape Designer
✅Installer Team
✅Digital Marketing
✅Graphic Designer

See our design in action.

Konzept Garden is one of the top homes and corporate landscape solutions in Malaysia. With Over 30+ Yrs Of Experience & Professional Team we are able to advise on all garden and landscape ideas suitable for today’s modern contemporary design. Aside from landscape design, we also provides services such as: Koi Fish Pond design & install and supply Artificial Carpet Grass.

One Stop Centre Landscape Design & Build

Contact Us today for a free consultation.

Here are some useful tips for in designing for a beautiful landscape:

When coming up with a garden landscape design, you should consider the size, shape, and style of your home during the landscape design phase. The landscape design of your garden should blend with the house, not distract from it. You should be trying to enhance the property as well as the existing structures with your landscape design A good garden landscape design should flow smoothly with your home by creating repeat design details, textures, colors and smooth transitions.

When designing your garden landscape, make sure you have a plan in mind. A garden design should incorporate height and width restrictions of the area you plan on planting your garden, especially when dealing with trees. The garden may become unmanageable blocking views or pathways.

A successful garden landscape design will include proper soil requirements for the types of plants that you choose within your garden. Drainage requirements have to be taken into consideration when designing you garden. Poor drainage will doom your garden from the start When designing your garden landscape, make sure that you plan for future growth.

Your landscape design at maturity may change how the garden receives sun and shade throughout the day. Garden plants bought with the sun in mind may end up in the shade.

When planning your garden landscape design, make sure and create it around your personality, desires and maintenance requirements. If you really like an oriental garden design, why plant a rose garden. The future maintenance of your landscape design should be a major decision during the landscape design.

Our Reviews

⭐ – Abe Que

Definately the right place to get your idea into reality. Just a quick visit and wallaa…. my backyard seems diff right now



⭐ – Roziah Kamal

sangat faham dgn kehendak pelanggan dan mahir dgn urusan landscape. Walau jarak jauh.. harga berpatutan dan mudah berurusan dari sales hinggalah ke bahagian operasi.. ada follow up juga…happy customer!!!

⭐ – Swee Thai Chin

They are patient and attend to all questions I have. good product and professional service. Big thank you to Nurul, Muhammad Afdzal and team for the good job.👍

⭐ – Eliza Ahmad Iqhbal

Great customer service, we have been using this company for our gardening needs several times already, they are professionals at what they do, and don't disappoint. Very happy with their fast delivery as well.

⭐ – Eunice Tan

We made the right choice by engaging Konzept Garden to design our garden. They were professional and dedicated to fulfil our needs

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