“I buy to grow my herbs & easy to install”

At first, I thought it's hard to install but I watch the video, very easy to install!
– Khalid, Customer

EcoWall Mini Set | Vertical Garden with Frame Holder and Smart pots

Ecowall or commonly know as the vertical garden is one of the most durable versatile panels available. Outdoor Plans are great and all, but there’s something to be said for bringing a little greenery indoors, and even more to be said for growing those greens indoors or out in a space-saving vertical garden.

Container garden ideas are great if a traditional garden isn’t available for example apartments/condominium.


Vertical gardens are ideally suited to empty wall areas because they offer the ability to maximize space

Frame System : 60cm x 60cm
Pots: 9 Smart Pots (black only)
Free Nutrition Soil x 2bag ( each 5kg/10litre )
Free Hydrostone x 1bag (600gm)
Free Geotextiles
Free Trio Seed (Mix) x 9 pack. Please visit trio.com.my/product-category/seeds/

Our EcoWall is a wall hanging flower/vegetable planter, it is perfect for planting flowers, herbs and foliage plants in your home or garden, it is also very easy to install on the wall and inside black pot could be taken down for easy cleaning and convenient replacing plants, and many holes in the bottom of the inside pot could let your plants breaths and water flows freely. It also has excellent quality and a fashionable appearance.

Terms & Condition: Daily cut of time will be at 3 pm [local time]. After 3 pm shipment will be the day after.

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