Synthetic Grass become so popular over the past few years! If you want to furnish your outdoor or indoor living spaces with lush green lawns but are tired of garden chores, Noble Grass synthetic turf can pretty much do the trick for you. We created a Noble Grass DIY to help homeowners place their own artificial grass.

Type: CRUZ 30
Size: 50cm x 50cm

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  •  Eco-friendly, safe for children & pet
  •  Water membrane system
  •  No more fertilizer
  •  No more watering

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Noble Grass (Synthetic Artificial Grass)

The perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor use

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Noble Grass has two types of blade shape which is C-Shape & U-Shape. A technology that created the pile of the grass straight naturally while old technology has a steel wire implant for it to be straight which cause non-smooth surface. With the new technology, it provides a quality that results in very good realism and solid performance. The shape really does make a difference.

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