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Money-Back Guarantee

Get the item you have installed, compensation within 14 days, with restocking fees*.

14 days Restocking Fees

Not happy with the selected product under this policy, worry frees! You may opt-in to our restocking fees* today!

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The product that is eligible for the Money-back Guarantee is Zen Bio Koi Pond series and NobleGrass

What is this?

Restocking Fees Policy?

“Firstly, let's understand what restocking fees are. When you return a product, there are certain costs involved in preparing it for resale. These costs include disassembling, repackaging, and more. To cover these processes, a restocking fee is applied.”

Now, let's talk about the Zen Bio Koi Pond. If you ever need to return it, we have a restocking fee of 30% charge of the final quotation. This fee is necessary because installing the pond involves a comprehensive process, from digging the hole to setting up components like water pump, filter, fountain, and piping.

Returning the product involves a similar process, ensuring everything is carefully removed, and the hole is properly filled. This fee helps us manage these tasks efficiently.

Now, let's shift our focus to the NobleGrass, our Artificial Grass. Unlike the Zen Bio Koi Pond, there's no hole to dig during installation. The grass is cut into various sizes according to site measurements.

The grass can be repurposed for different projects, helping you and us save on future costs. However, as there are still handling and repackaging costs, a restocking fee of 30% will be apply to support this process.

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It makes us humble to find our customer happy and enjoy their garden with our products and services. All our product comes with a Warranty to provide premium care.

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