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Information require for Pond Installation

This will be the information Konzept Garden need prior to any Pond Installation. We appreciate all customer help and input.

1 – Measurement area. How big is the area for the pond to be installed? Please provide in ( Centimeters, Meters, Inches or Feet )

2 – Where is the pond will to be installed? Indoor or Outdoor. Why is matter because the selected Zen Bio Koi Pond comes with a landscape package. This will help our Landscape Architect to propose suitable types of plants for the area.

3 – The selected area to be installed is full sunlight, shade area or semi-shade?Site

4- Area for a drainage system. Outdoor areas require a proper drainage system prior to Zen bio koi pond installation because to prevent overflow ponds as well as water ponding in the area. Our team will need to know where is your drain ‘longkang' at, whether is far from the selected area or near to the selected area.
– Does your area complete with sewage drainage?
– Does your area have water ponding?
– Does your area require subsoil pipe drainage?

5- Hacking on site. Does your site require any hacking? for example, does your garden have hard soil that cannot be dug out using a normal ‘hoe' or does the area have an old concrete tile base? This info matters to our team, so they will come prepared with a hacking machine.

6- Electrical Plug Point. 
– Min with 13A Switched Socket Outlet
– Min 2nos
– Waterproof plug point for safety (outdoor installation)

7- Additional On-Site Work (only needed by customer). If the selected area has a plant and requires a transfer to another place, the customer will have to inform konzept garden team earlier. If the customer requires any clean-up area to remove an old tree, timber and so on, you will need to inform our team earlier during the discussion before our installer team set a date for installation.


Or Simply use our Landscape Design Packages Form to submit your requirement. Click the link,

*Terms and conditions apply to all installation of zen bio koi pond.

How do I place an order?

You only have to follow these simple steps:


1- Choose your product

2 – Check product information

3 – Confirm shopping cart


4 – Enter your details

5 – Provide delivery information

6 – Choose your payment method


7 – Place your order

8 – Receive order confirmation

How can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately for all successful order, there will be no option to cancel your order. However, if you have mistakenly made the same order more than once –  you can simply send your request to CONTACT US and our team will take a look at your case. 

How can I change delivery address/phone number/ recipient for my existing order?

Changes in delivery address/phone number/recipient of the item are not allowed after the order has been successfully made. This is one of the precaution steps to avoid fraud attempt. Kindly ensure all the information is correct prior placing an order.

Return & Refunds

What are the types of return Policies available on Konzept Garden Online Store

Return Policies only applicable for Online Customer and not for Walk-in Customer

  • Normal priced items are exchangeable within 14 days from your invoice date.
  • Notify us via phone call & email to along with your receipt/proof of purchase and images showing the defective area. We will investigate the case and contact you accordingly. Upon receiving confirmation from us, only then the item(s) may be returned. This guarantee does not cover damage resulting from unique, accidental or random damage that is the result of use by Buyer, or from wear and tear.
  • Konzept Garden will only accept exchange or refund item(s)/merchandise(s) in original condition, uninstalled, unused or defective merchandise with all original tags attached to the merchandise, any related accessories, and must be returned in their original box.
  • Exchange is strictly subject to stocks availability. In other words, incomplete, damaged, worn, soiled, altered returns, merchandise that are damaged as a result of wear and tear or anything we reasonably believe has been used or worn, will not be accepted.
  • Exchange Policy is granted for 1 time only for each item.
  • If the item you wish to exchange exceeds the value of the item returned, you shall pay for the excess; in other cases, NO cash refund will be applied, if the price of the item you wish to exchange is lower than the price of the returned item.
  • For refund goods, the buyer is liable to bears the postage cost for any refund goods within the 14 days contract.
Can I return an Item after the Konzept Garden return policy coverage days?

We encourage you to connect with us immediately once you have received the good from the courier service –  with any defective area. Because with any after 14 days from your invoice date –  your return policy is not applicable. 

For what reasons can I return an item?

For any returned item it will have to be a defective area upon delivery – you have to submit your request to our Support Team. Details that we need:

Name of the purchaser:

Email of the purchaser:

Contact Number:

Product Name:

Proof of purchase (receipt): Please provide an image

*please help to provide a photo of the defective area of the product

How do I return the products and request for money refunds?

Hi There, for any purchase without any defects – this we consider as one big successful transactions. Unfortunately, there will be no return policy for such a case. 

However, if your product has a little accident of defects you wish to return(*) the product and request for a refund – once you have to go through the return policy steps our Support Team will connect with your for further details. 

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