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Azwan Khan7/25/2018
Excellent service
Beli satu letak dalam rumah, memang cantik pasu ni!
Ziant Hydro Planter Pot (M) Image
Ziant Hydro Planter Pot (M)
Brian Lew12/30/2013
nice *
Ong Ban Seng3/06/2020
positive review 
Good service from En Muhammad Afifi and good product recommended by him. Thanks...
Elain Yee8/10/2020
positive review 
love this so much!!! thank you
Roziah Kamal11/16/2018
positive review 
sangat faham dgn kehendak pelanggan dan mahir dgn urusan landscape. Walau jarak jauh.. harga berpatutan dan mudah berurusan dari sales hinggalah ke bahagian operasi..

ada follow up juga...

happy customer!!!
Noris Ismail10/17/2016
Great landscape ideas.. very helpful.. supetb after-sales service.. n no regrets..! Thank you konzept garden..

Our Service

Konzept Garden supply several different types of pond suitable for every Garden Landscape Design.

Every homeowner have different ideas/imagination for their garden landscape, this why we provide a large range of projects, from fascinating garden ponds to a custom made pond.

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