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How and Why Refresh Soil - Konzept Garden
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How and Why Refresh Soil Garden or Landscape?

  There’re many reasons out there why you have to do this – but we will keep it simple and easy for you to understand. What’s the purpose of reviving your soil? Checking your pots on a regular basis are essential routine maintenance activities for ongoing plant health. If you are starting to see problems in your plants, it’s probably time to check what they’re growing in! Sometimes you might have this question – Is it OK to reuse potting soil? Or should I start fresh? The basic answer is yes, it’s possible to reuse potting soil. Let’s get started…
Water your pots a few hours before you plan to refresh the soil, because damp soil is easier to break apart than dry soil.   Step One… Remove old plant matter (roots, twigs, leaves).
Step Two… Fluff the Soil  Let’s begin the soil remediation. Basic science tells us that plants use the nutrients in the soil to grow. Over time, reusing the same potting soil in container gardening can deplete the nutrient stores in the soil and result in dry plants. Luckily, there’s no need to do a wholesale soil dump each year. To prep the box, I used a trowel to turn my soil. Turning the soil had the dual purpose of making sure that it wasn’t invested with bugs–in which case a dump might be worth it—and making sure that the soil is light and fluffy.  

Step Three… Add Nutrients to the soil

 After the soil remediation is done, I added organic fertilizer to the soil. From a local nursery in Kota Damansara, it’s called ‘EZ GROW’ – Ez Grow is 100% organic microbial enzymes that act on soil and foliar of plants to naturally promote absorption of nutrients and minerals for plant growth enhances flowering and root.


Step Four… Blend Well This step you will need your glove-on or trowel because you’ll be adding potted plants with fresh soil already attached to their roots, so at this stage, you can scoop out some of the old soil to make room.
Step Five… Make Room for plants Have the old soil at the bottom and add the plant in and cover the second layer with a little new soil. That’s all the five easy steps you need to know how to rev

To be remembered…

 Exposure to the elements weathers the soil, leaching out nutrients. To counter this, apply fertilizer to assure that your container plants get the nutrients they need. This is particularly important if you're using recycled potting soil, as many of its essential minerals may have been taken up by plants the previous year.

 Mix some new potting mix into the old especially If you’ve used the same soil for several years. Adding a new potting mix to the old will not only increase its fertility, but it will also make it more friable and improve its ability to retain moisture.


If you having a confusing moment about what type of Soil you need to get for your plants, vegetables or plants –  we can help you with that. Konzept Garden have improved their soil and have done many testing for the new NutriSoil Supreme.



 Common Question Asked….

Can we add plants fertilizer right always after we’ve added the solid and plants? The answer is no just waiting for at least 14days before you add a fresh fertilizer because you have mixed fertilizer into the soil earlier.


I think that’s about it… Good luck! If you need ay fertilizer, soil or pots CONTACT US now.

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