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How to Choose a Pond or Fountain for Your Home? - Konzept Garden

Having difficulty and confusing moment about how to choose the best Fish Pond or Koi Pond for your home?

Pond or water fountain adds an exceptional viewpoint to your greenhouse, improving the air of your outside spaces, giving an extraordinary territory to natural life and can even increase the value of your property!

It doesn’t matter if you have limited space or resources.

Before you start having your own Pond or Water Fountain for your home.

1. Planning Ahead?

  • Preparing will give you a thought of how much it will cost you, and in this manner what size and highlights you can manage. It will likewise enable you to maintain a strategic distance from expensive and auspicious slip-ups.​    

2. Decide whether Fish Pond or Water Fountain?

  • It all depends on your plan, so if you prefer to always be around your garden having few living fishes ( Koi Fish ) –  will a great decision –  because we heard that having fish will make you have an excuse to always be around your garden. But if you a person who always travel and living in a city life –  we would suggest no fish for you, except if you have someone to look over them when you are gone.

3.  Location, Location, Location

  • Do – Choose a level site with ample sunlight & choose a visible and accessible site
  • Don't – Place your pond below too many overhanging trees. (leaves contaminate the water)

4.  How big do you want your pond?

  • So, have you figured this part yet? Do you want a small garden pond to add a certain charm and soundtrack to your garden, from the trickle of a pond waterfall to the flow of a small water feature, or do you want a large koi pond – to home koi and provide a large expanse of water to reflect your property and garden

5.  How do you want it to look?

  • A great way to start is –  imagine, but if this doesn't work you can always start with Google or to make your life easy with Konzept Garden they provide plenty of sizes to suit your ideal home and imagination.
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