ez-Care [organic fertiliser] Antipest Spray- Buy 1 Free 1 (500ml /bottle)


Organic Fertiliser not only has a great deal of essential macro elements and microelement for a plant but also has abundant organic nutrient, organic fertiliser is the most overall fertiliser. Organic Fertiliser can improve the soil physics and chemistry character, increase soil fertiliser and promote the activity of the soil microorganisms.Organic Fertiliser Ez-Care is antipest. READY TO SPRAY! 500ml for each bottle, 2 bottles equal to 1000ml

– 100% Organic
– Anti Bugs
– Grow Fast

Product Description is ez-Care [organic fertiliser] Antipest Spray

This Product is antipest [Repellent, Fungicide, Insecticide]. Ready to spray.

Main Functions

Is for insect repel, bad microorganism killing, activate the root system, fruits, vegetables fresh weight increase and taste improve (like the sugar contain raise), the odour removed.

Main Functions

Lawn care, home horticulture, yard spray to repel the insect, trees, vegetables and flowers, greenhouse, aquatic products preservation, etc.

Warning! Keep away from children, food and fire.
Keep in a cool, dry and dark place. 



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