Zen-Bio Koi Pond maintenance

Maintaining pond can be a daunting experience to most of the new pond owner as many newbies still yet to have the right understanding of pond water characteristic and fish keeping know-how.  Zen-Bio Pond is specially designed to allow more time for an owner to enjoy their pond instead. Reading this section, you will be surely able to have an enjoyable and relaxing moment of owning Zen-bio pond like many of our customers.

Understanding Water Condition:

  • The common misconception among pond owner is that “dirty” water needs to be drained out entirely for proper cleaning. Healthy pond water needs to fill with good micro-organisms and bacteria to break down the harmful substances, such as ammonia and nitrites caused by overfeeding and fish waste.
  • In contrast to many misconceptions, right amounts of algae in ponds are beneficial for fishes as a nutritious snack food and to help the pond ecosystem.
  • As for Konzept Zen-Bio Pond owner, our filter system comes with UV- steriliser for lasting water conditioning. The whole system can prevent exhausting maintenance so that the owner can have more time to enjoy the pond.
  • After some time, the pond will have built up a healthy amount of natural bacteria population, and uncontrol water amount change will remove the inhibited bacteria and upset bio-filtration to function well.

Simple Zen Bio-Pond maintenance:

  • To prevent frequent water changing process, the owner can always do simple manual skimming on floating debris likes leaves, sticks, twigs, dead insects or larvae by using a fishnet.
  • Pond owner needs to carry out filter “backflush” occasionally to ensure proper maintenance of clean water. Dot not flush more than 15% of the pond water and refill with dechlorinate water only. The filter “backflush” procedure is subject to the needs of the pond.
  • In the situation that the owner wanted to change their pond water, refrain from removing more than 1/3 of the pond water. Only schedule your pond water change if you are overfeeding your fish, water turn dirty & doesn’t seem healthy for the fish. Carry out dechlorinate water process before adding back the freshwater into the pond.


 Diagram 1.0 illustrated the correct amount of pond water change.

  • Remember to keep the water pump and filter running at all time. Uncirculated water will cause harmful algae and bacteria to grow faster; these will cause filter clogging and water to turn green. Please contact us immediately for further advice and service.
  • For Bio-pond without any fishes may choose to add chlorine for more lasting clear water and to prevent algae growth.


WARNING: Do NOT flush all the water from the pond, doing so may cause a “Boating effect”.

Diagram 2.0 showing the “Boating” effect of Empty Pond with water underneath.




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