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Snake Plant Benefits for Your Home - Konzept Garden

The Snake Plant: Why you should have this plant in your home?

Many household owners love to decorate their homes and have them looking elegant. One of the numerous methods of decoration is by using plants. What has made plats become the most recommended method by both environmentalists and architects is sustainability. Plants are a very sustainable yet elegant method of decoration that both safeguards the environment while providing your home with the utmost sense of style. One of these plants is the Sansevieria trifasciata which is commonly known as the snake plant by locals. It has a variety of local names, but the most common is the mother in law’s tongue. This plant is indigenous to Africa and Asia and is considered one of the toughest plants in nature. With the ability to withstand tough environmental conditions such as lack of water, high temperatures, and other climatic conditions, the snake plant can withstand conditions that many other plants cannot. This thus makes it very easy to maintain and thus adds on to the elegance the plant offers. The snake plant can be incorporated both indoors around your houses such as in dining rooms and kitchens. The plant can also be planted outdoors all-around your house. It can be planted in home vegetable gardens as it requires minimal maintenance and water.

Types of snake plants

In nature, there are several varieties of snake plants. These plant varieties are classified depending on various factors. These are how tall the plant grows, the foliage appearance of the various varieties, and how well the plants grow in the various light intensities. These are the most common types of snake plants.

1: Bird’s nest snake plant

This plant is commonly known by the name Hahnii. This plant is often small in size and doesn’t grow beyond 6 feet. The plant draws its name from its leaves that resemble a bird’s nest owing to its circular appearance.

2: Cylinder snake plant

Commonly known as sansevieria cylindrical, this plant grows only to several feet high. The leaves from this variety stretch outwards and this is where they drew their name. This variety of snake plant is very common in households.

3: Laurentii Sansevieria

This is one of the most popular varieties of snake plants. It appears in numerous households owing to the numerous benefits it has. This variety has a unique appearance as it has a green-coloured centre with yellow margins.

Benefits of the snake plant

This durable plant is incorporated into numerous homes owing to the numerous benefits it creates. The fact that it is easy to maintain and can withstand the tough conditions in nature makes it a particularly good addition to any space. Apart from creating a relaxing and ambient environment, the mother in law’s tongue also confers numerous health benefits. These are some of these benefits research results from NASA & Plant Specialist.

1: It acts as an air filter

When used indoors, this plant can freshen your air. The plant is capable of absorbing bad odors from your indoor spaces and transform them into elegant and ambient places. This ability of air filtration is better compared to numerous other plants as it does it efficiently both during the day and at night. This plant is also unique compared to others in that while others take up oxygen during the night, this plant produces it and takes up carbon dioxide. This makes it proper for bedrooms as it increases airflow and makes it more relaxing.

2: It can remove toxic air pollutants

The snake plant can absorb the harmful particles and air in the atmosphere. This plant acts as a very effective control against many airborne diseases that are caused by the numerous air particles that occur in nature. Some of the harmful particles that the snake plant can sieve are carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. These have been known to cause cancerous effects to the body and having this convenient and natural method of purifying your air, you are safer.

3: Adds elegance to your space

The mother in law’s tongue’s resistance to tough environmental conditions makes it a great addition to any space. The plant remains healthy even with minimal amounts of water supply and this makes it very elegant when used in the house. It also produces very beautiful flowers that will transform your indoors into a masterpiece. This effect is also similar to your outdoors as it makes them very breathtaking.

Poisonous effects of the snake plant

One of the reasons however that has kept numerous homeowners from planting the snake plant in their homes is the perception that it is poisonous. From recent studies by plant experts in the country like Media & some blogger, it was confirmed that indeed the plant contained some chemical properties that make it poisonous.

The toxin levels in this plant however are not something you should worry about as the levels are very low and have no effect on humans. The plant contains saponins which is what results in the toxin levels found during the study of this plant. Saponins are found in plants where they use it as a natural form of insecticides or pesticides that keep the snake plant safe from attacks by other animals. This thus adds to the fact that this plant is very resistant. While the toxins have minimal effects on humans, this cannot be said for other animals around the home. These include cats, dogs, and other forms of pets.

When this plant is consumed by pets, it results in harmful effects on their bodies. When ingested, the plant results in gastronomical reactions. These are reactions that result in the abdomen of these animals and thus resulting in vomiting or diarrhoea. These effects also extend to humans as when ingested, the plant results in risky allergic reactions that cause swelling of the oral cavity and other tissues in the mouth. When touched, the snake plant produces some toxic chemicals that can result in skin irritation. When you handle this plant, it is advised to use protective gear. To counter this irritation, wash the affected part under running water.

Although snake plants have toxic chemicals that may result in hazardous effects on the body, it is vital to look into all the benefits the plant offers. The snake plant has numerous useful benefits coupled up with it being very visually appealing. With little to no maintenance required, this plant can withstand the tough conditions available outdoors. It can also make a fine addition to your indoors and thus it is vital to have. You should consider having a snake plant in your space owing to the great aesthetic effects it causes and the various underlying health benefits it brings.

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