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Vegetable Garden Mistakes to Avoid - Konzept Garden

Follow these steps to stay away from making mistake in the vegetable garden

Here is the thing, making a mistake does not measure whether you are a master or a rookie – everyone made a mistake.  The common mistake we all make when comes to our vegetable garden.  1- Applying more fertilizer than the recommended amount will reduce your yields considerably. Possibly cause stunted growth and burning. Fertilizer should only be used in the ratios recommended. 2- Due to the small size of gardens, a majority of vegetable gardeners are tempted to plant their vegetables even in shady areas. Some veggies, such as peas and lettuces, can do well under little shade, but most thrive well in direct and uninterrupted sunlight. 3- This’s another common mistake committed by many gardeners. Too much water causes the roots to rot because of suffocation. Keep in mind that the soil should be moist and not soggy. Some vegetables will only require an inch of water every week and therefore, by over watering them, you’ll be causing stress to the plants.
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