How to learn to care for your flowers?

Flowers are a lovely reminder of all the happiness and colour in our lives. If you want your flowers to be enjoyed for longer, let's start!


If a really special individual has sent you a bouquet or you're new to gardening and just put some new beds in you come to the right place to know.

1: Change the water regularly

So, if you just received a bouquet of flowers and has placed in a beautiful vase – this what you need to do. Bacteria in the water are one of the things that cause cut flowers to wilt so easily. In order to protect cut flowers, the most basic thing you can do is change the water once a day. Before you add the flowers to the vase, use cold water and add ice cubes.

2: Treat the water

To destroy bacteria, you can also treat the water. You can keep your flowers looking new for longer with two teaspoons of sugar, apple cider vinegar, or even a penny at the bottom of the vase. A small amount of bleach in the water of your vase works well to control the growth of bacteria described earlier and keep the water clean.

3: Take care of the stems

Different kinds of flowers have different types of stems, and to keep your flowers looking new, different types of stems need different treatments. The most simple way to handle the stems is to cut a small amount of the ends every day when you adjust the water and cut them at a 45 ° angle.


4: Keep an eye on the temperature.

If it's too hot or too cold in the place where your cut flowers are positioned, they will wilt much easier. Switch them to a better, neutral temperature spot.


5: Remove excess leaves

Remove leaves, flowers petals, or branches that fall below the line of water. Getting them in the water stimulates the growth of bacteria.


Watch the 5 Ways To Care For Your Flowers
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