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How To Maintain Noble Artificial Grass? - Konzept Garden

Noble Artificial Grass, Fake Grass or Turf Grasses

Congratulations on choosing Konzept Garden Noble Artificial grass, we would like to share with you the seven excellent benefits of having Noble Artificial Grass.

  • 8 years guaranteed against UV discolouration & degradation
  • Evergreen & weatherproof – No more watering
  • Eco-friendly, safe for children & pet
  • No more fertiliser, weed-killing chemical & hassle work.
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certificate qualify
  • C & U shape technology high-quality straight & soften pile yarn
  • Water membrane system for easy cleaning


How to clean and maintain Noble Artificial Grass.

In compare with real grass, fake grass only needs less than 15% maintenance effort, and the process of maintenance is minimum. We have identified the four essential maintenance tips for you.

  • Weeds growing Problem

Nature always has its way to survive, weeds growing on unattended artificial grass is mainly due to mud, soil or dirt embedded between the synthetic grass, owners' can easily pull out the weeds and follow by cleaning up the excess soil from the grass. Using water rinsing is the best and simple way to clean any unwanted mud or animal poop on the grass area, weeds to sprout quickly if left unattended.


  • Cleaning dirty artificial grass

Artificial grass installed under roof need more attention as the dirty water pouring from the roof can cause the grass to discolour and unevenly upright. This problem can solve with simple water rinsing and cleaning. Owners' must avoid using strong detergent & metal bristles went brushing on noble grass. You can use the same cleaning method to remove mud-stained as well.


  • Maintaining upright grass position

Kindly avoid prolonged weight pressure of fake grass surface as this will cause the grass to flatten. To bring back the grass blade at an upright position, brushing with synthetic bristles against the natural grain and follow by water rinsing. Do not use hot water as this will damage the artificial grass blade shape and quality.


  • How to Remove Pet Waste from Artificial Grass

In comparing with real grass, removing pet poop from artificial grass is much easier as our Noble grass can stand moderate brushing and water rinsing without rooting the grass. Owner is advice to use consistent pressure or force when handling artificial grass and avoid steel bristle broom & strong detergent or corrosive mixture compound at all time.


Important Artificial Grass Installation guide.

  1. Flooring requirement and drainage-cell installation
  • For indoor concrete surface installation, artificial grass installation without Drainage-cell is for DRY AREA ONLY. Kindly take note that Noble grass without drainage-cell will take longer time to dry up and may cause discomfort and inconvenience. The diagram shown below is for indoor (DRY area) installation


 (Please refer to diagram 1.0)


  • To prevent under drainage-cell water ponding effect (Please refer to diagram 2.0) the concrete flooring must be well levelled evenly.



  • WARNING: Do not divert the rain gutter downpipe water directly to the artificial grass area, the drainage-cell beneath is not meant for water escapement purpose for rainwater. The dirt, leaf & debris from roof-top can cause a flash flood on the surface of Noble Artificial Grass.


  • For technical specification measurement (kindly refer to diagram 3.0)

  • The diagram below illustrates the proper technical installation of noble grass on SOIL (Ground) surface;


Term and Condition

  • Under no circumstances shall Konzept Garden be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages; losses or expenses arising from the contract for this product, or in connection with the use of, or inability to use, our product for any purpose whatsoever.
  • We only cover limited warranty on the Noble grass claim such as 8 years life span (subject to selected product model & category only) and Owners' hold the responsibility to confirm the quality of the delivered product in proper condition during the installation.
  • We hold the right to reject warranty if any suspicion of product misuse or grass deteriorating suffered from inappropriate usage in contrast to the recommended purpose and maintenance.
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