Start with thinking about this two-point…



  • Draw a plan of your garden whether is backyard or front yard – but we pretty sure each house already have their garden LAYOUT PLAN
  • In the drawing include things that remain in the yard, for example, a tall tree that can help to create a shade to your garden
  • In your design, the main key will be the sunlights – do you wish to have it or do you wish to shade from it?


  • Think about your goals – is it for kids and pets to play, is it for a place for you to read a book and relax, or is it a place where everyone in the house can enjoy.

What's Next?

It’s time to add your goals to the plan – Konzept Garden tips will start your way from big to small. Adding largest items to the plan first such as a patio, deck or pergola then fill around them. But of course, don’t forget your budget.

garden landscape

Image : Empty Plan

garden landscape

Image : Largest Items Added

Let's Start With…

1. PLANTS or Flower Design – is definitely one of the most important parts of your Garden Landscape and the easiest way to shape your garden looks.

For example, ground soil with straight clean line defines areas and points of interest, while curve ground soil tends to look more natural.

Pick just a few colours that work together or at least avoid lots of variation in small areas but don’t be afraid as well to mix up texture and size.

Remember have layers, tallest in the back and smallest upfront (like children in the classroom). Having Flower Pot is the same important as planting to the ground.


Quick Tips. When selecting plants know that perennials grow back every season, while annual will need to be planted each year.

garden landscape, landscape

Image : Straight Line Ground

garden landscape, landscape

Image : Curve Ground

1.PATHWAYS – Think about pathways to get around your Garden. Solid concrete or pavers are more formal and offer defined direction. Crush gravel is a softer alternative and stepping stones give a natural feel to the land (Konzept Garden always advise go with stepping stone).


garden landscape, landscape, landscape malaysia

Image : Added Stepping Stone

3.WATER FEATURES – A great way to add tranquillity and a touch of nature is by adding a water feature.

Small or big can provide a lot of difference to your garden, not only look nice it is perfect for plan and fish (but we love koi’s fish).

You can choose from Water Fountain, Fish Pond, Zen Bio Koi Pond or even Custom Fish pond.


garden landscape, landscape, landscape malaysia

Image : Added Water Feature

4.SOIL GROUND – Do you want your garden to cover in the dirt? We don’t think so – it depends on you because you need to keep MAINTENANCE in mind, how much time you’ll want to spend taking care of your garden?

  • Noble Grass (Synthetic Artificial Grass) – it is easy to main with no hassle work in the long term and eco-friendly, safe for children & pet.

  • Real Grass – nice and elegantly to have – however it’s long term care.

    Wow, guess what – now that you have your plan ready, head into
    Konzept Garden and make this plan a reality. Having trouble to make this plan – don’t worry, connect with Konzept Garden team they are happy to help you FREE CONSULTATIONS


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