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1 Day Installation | Professional Koi Fish Pond Design & System Specialist

Professional Koi Fish Pond Design & System Specialist

Konzept Garden is one of the top Koi Fish Pond Designer and Supplier in Malaysia. With over 20 plus years of experience in the garden and landscape industry, you can rely on us to provide sound advice on all things koi fish pond related.

If you are looking to install a new koi fish pond in your home, then connect with the team today for a free consultation.

Did you know with Konzept Garden Koi Fish Pond, you can bring home ‘FREE Landscape'* together!

*t&c apply

*price updated on Oct 2021


RM 4,350.00
RM 6,999.00

(inch): 84″ x 54″ x 12″ 
(cm): 213 x 137 x 30

*price updated on Oct 2021


RM 4,950.00

(inch): 48″ x 84″ x 18″
(cm): 122 x 213 x 46

Here are some tips below for consideration when designing a koi fish pond:

The style of the pond greatly depends on the owner's needs and passion. Each hobbyist has it's own taste and purpose in creating a particular design for the koi pond. A reason lies behind every aspects of the construction – the size, the shape and the like.

It can be set up like a formal garden, or a Japanese style, or even a replica of a mountain design. But it all boils down to one thing… it must contain the needed requirements for building a fish pond – structurally sound and efficient. This is basically the reason why designs should come with thorough planning and meticulous execution of the construction.

An adequate koi fish pond must be able to show off the vivid colors and stunning beauty of a koi in the pond and should be easy to maintain. The pond must be incorporated with the correct size of filtration, must also be provided with a heating system for temperature control (depending on the climate) and also an ozone system to optimized water quality.

The quality of the koi pond water is essential for the safety of koi carps. Not only is it safe, but quality water eliminates any risk to the health of your fish. Therefore it is highly important to integrate a safe water system. When we say clean, quality water it means that the water must be free from any contaminants such as fish wastes and any dead matter including the by-products. Besides that good oxygen flow in the water is important and a proper filtration system should be installed. Water quality must be frequently checked regarding it's ammonia and nitrate level but most of all its pH level. All these guidelines are significant to attain the quality of the water, in which koi fish would thrive well.

Most importantly, do not allow your pond to become a ‘pea-green soup', koi pond algae can easily turn clear water into green and poor quality water. If this happens, koi fish ponds can become unattractive in just a matter of days. Follow these simple considerations in designing the koi pond and bring out the full potential of koi as well as to enjoy of having them as the feature of your beautiful garden.

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