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Real Grass vs. Artificial: What's Best? - Konzept Garden
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Do you wonder why you still have real grass which you need to maintain constantly!

When it comes to your lawn you want it lush and green but without the hassle intensive maintenance in order to keep it that way. But most of us still choose real grass because ideally we think it easy to maintain it – we forget most of the time we are away for work or holidays. Don’t blame yourself if your lawn dont look green as you expected.

How can we change this because the more time you spend on your lawn, the more money it’s costing you. Now there is a solution for you, how an artificial grass (NobleGrass)? Yes not everyone open to the idea of fake grass, but we are moving towards the year 2020 – if a mobile phone has 4 camera, I’m sure artificial grass has the best quality that looks just like real grass!

Artificial Grass options take out all the negatives of a beautiful lawn such as weeding, mowing, watering yet still environmentally safe and gives you an amazingly beautiful lawn for years. Yes, we did say safe – non-toxic surface safe for your children and pets that what most importantly for having a home. Remember the days when you won't let your kids run around the garden due to dirty sand when it got wet by rain overnight – know this artificial grass have great drainage and easy to clean with water.

Save your money a long term and spend it wisely one time. If you looking for who can help you – I’d suggest the professional from Konzept Garden – because their crew has the best eye for garden and does a great job for any type of garden from small to big.

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