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How to start gardening with your children? - Konzept Garden
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How can spend time with your children? We believe gardening will be the best way to connect and enjoy your time with your children.

It’s a School Holiday! Do you have any plans? or you already on vacation when you are reading this?

No matter what you are doing now, it is the best feeling when you are with your family on School Holiday.

So, if you have the time at home and not so sure what to do with your kids –  how about an idea from us?

Start simple & easy gardening with your girls or even your boys –  they will love it because they going to start playing with dirt. Don’t worry you do not need a green thumb to start this.

The Basics: Start with vegetables and not flowers –  because this will make it more interesting for your children, trust me they will wait for it and they would want to eat vegetables. One of the best parts of gardening is being able to eat raw veggies straight from the plant.

Start thinking of 2 or 3 vegetable that you & your kids want to grow. My suggestions;

– ​Calamansi Lime
– Herbs (Mint Leaves)

Once you know what to plant –  it’s time to buy the gardening stuff, remember to make it fun for your kids, maybe you can bring your kids along to the nearest Nursery. If you are around Klang Valley, I would suggest WAZE to Konzept Garden. First, find the suitable Plant Pots & Soil –  if you are at Konzept Garden, request for Ziant Hydro Planters (Pot) & their special Soil because I find it very easy to start with this two if you do not world best green thumb.

Second –  go to the nearest ‘Ace Hardware’ to get your seed, because they provide the best vegetable seed.

Third –  Start planting with your kids, If you want to know how to plants you can learn here (CLICK HERE TO START YOUR GARDENING PROCESS)


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