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“I buy this for my daughter, she loves it!”

My kid wanted an aquarium, instead, I buy them Desktop Aquascape. It's a good decision to buy this from Konzept Garden, good quality! – Ain, Customer

Desktop Aquascape Set | Aquarium Crystal Clear Square Tank | +FREE Item

Desktop Aquascape Set. Aquarium Crystal Clear Square Tank comes with FREE Items. Crystal Clear decorative or fish tanks are made for small space. The tank's brilliant clear view achieves a practically colourless appearance with a minimal green tint, ensuring the most natural and vibrant views of your underwater habitat.


The Desktop Aquascape set perfect for any type of space from small to big. It contains everything needed for a full setup, including an LED light, filter and lid and is plug and play!

The set comes with:
1. Medium Size Tank ( 22cm x 15cm x 15cm)
2. Ultrathin Led Light (One Only)
3. Hang On Filter (8,4cm x 9.7cm x 10.9cm)
4. Crystal Sand (One small bag)
5. Six Artificial Plant DIY Set (Plants design availability of stock)
6. Volcano Stone (Installed)
7. Artificial Algae Stone (Installed)

Filter specification:
1. Mute Effect
2. Biochemical Filter
3. Convenience for washing
4. Voltage 220 -240v/50Hz (Power 2W) (Output 300L/h)
5. Size ( 8,4cm x 9,7cm x 10.9cm)
6. Filter include:
– Flow rate adjuster
– Internal filter material
– Pump
– Adjust Plate
– Connection Pipe
-Water Pipe (replaceable)
-Inlet Bend Pipe
-Floating Head
-Top cover


1 review for Desktop Aquascape Set | Aquarium Crystal Clear Square Tank | +FREE Item

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  1. Fast delivery and great product!

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